The Vera Project Rebranding

HCDE Course Work, 2018

The goal of this assignment was to develop a new visual language, or brand, for an existing local organization that more accurately visualizes its communication goals. I chose The Vera Project, which is a non-profit arts organization for young adults.

As part of the assignment, we were asked to create a new logo for the organization, a redesigned page from their website, a document that contained multiple levels of hierarchy, and a poster that listed three things that the organization does/sells. We also were asked to create a final presentation that showcased the visual communication decisions that we made while re-creating the brand.

Communication Goals

The Logo

primary to emphasiz

e creativity - because there are infinite combinations of the three colors minimally saturated triadic color pa

late to convey youthfulness muted quality maintains th

e logo’s sophistication.

sans serif to increase accessibility and the sense of community sans serif type also keeps the logo playful and less traditional

overlap and increased density of the spheres emphasize community, ie different things coming together to create something new. Juxtaposition of abstract flat shapes with dimensional hand drawings bring curiosity to the logo

grainy texture of the circles represent creativity and a deviation from tradition

The Website

use of density and dimension evokes curiosity use of overlapping circles and color gives the website a sense of community use of highlight and overlay on the menu bar evoke curiosity and make the site less traditional

wood and paint as background to emphasize elemental media curious and non-traditional

Class Flyer

Use of overlap and density invoke a sense of curiosity and deviation from the norm. Overlap of yellow and blue hands coming together to create something new. Yellow and blue hands come together to make green. Use of cropping and the inclusion of both left and right aligned text gives the impression of a non-traditional brand identity.

bold, light, and condensed text are all used to emphasize higherarchy. Integration of circles and sans serif type faces represent community and inclusivity.

Event Poster

The overlap and density created by the textured background and transparency signify the non-traditional nature of the organization. The overlap of the events with the calendar creates a sense of community which is central to the vera project.

primary/triadic color scheme evokes a feeling of playful sophistication that is central to the vera project's brand identity.

Brand Book

brand from Grace Barar on Vimeo.