Walking Tour Brochures

Getty Foundation/Pasadena Heritage Internship, 2018

During my Summer internship at the non-profit organization, Pasadena Heritage - funded by the Getty Foundation I created a series of six self-guided walking tour booklets. All of the graphic content and drawings were created by me. I compiled all of the research and wrote the bulk of the text within the booklets.

The Problem

Pasadena Heritage's guided walking tour sales had gone down. They previously tried to address this issue by creating self-guided walking tour scripts which people could download in Word document for from their website. However, since these were not formal or complete documents (in terms of both research and aesthetics) they did not feel comfortable charging people for downloads.

The Solution

I began by identifying the usability issues with the old self-guided tour download.
I then did the research necessary to fill in the gaps in information and make the tour more comprehensive. I used online resources as well as local databases, libraries, and museums. Finally, I designed, edited, compiled, and printed the final 6 walking tours.

ph from Grace Barar on Vimeo.

Civic Center Tour

Markham District Tour

Bungalow Heaven Tour