Bushwick Housing Precarity Risk Model Map

Research and Design Project 2024
Design and Urban Ecologies - The New School, Parsons

I created this map and poster as an informational tool as well as to draw attention to the Bushwick Tenant Toolbox that I helped to create in partnership with the Bushwick Hosuing Independence Project (BHIP) as part of my studio II class.  I created the housing precarity index to draw attention to certain census tracks where it is imperitive that we focus our collective organzing efforts in order to stop the displacement of long term Bushwick residents. 

I created and calculated the housing precarity index on a census-track level for Bushwick by using a point system assigned to a combination of three variables: the number of rent burdened households (pay 30% or more of their income to rent), number of class C housing code violations, and number of evictions from 2023 onward.

Each variable was assigned a point on a scale from 1-5 depending on the severity of the variable and the toal points across the three variables was added to calculate the total housing precarity index score. The data for these variables came from the U.S. decennial census as well as the ACS 5-year census estimate. 

Additionally, I have indicated on the map as shown by each black dot market rate housing units that were constructed between 2015 and 2023 as well as the J,M, and L subway lines.